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He tells them Anna was killed by Elsa, but is unaware that Olaf foiled him by helping Anna escape. This wiki. I knew I'd have to marry into the throne somewhere. Geek Mom. Frozen II. But when Elsa responded by telling her to leave, Anna verbally attacked Elsa, demanding that she reveal what she was afraid of. Incensed, Elsa whirled around while gesturing with her hand, causing ice spikes to erupt across the floor.

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However, Hans managed to grab hold of the railing, and the guards helped him up. In the library , Hans gathered with the Duke of Weselton and dignitaries , informing them of his decision to resume the search for Princess Anna; however, this decision was met by the opposition of the French dignitary, who stated it was too risky. He eventually stumbles upon her, and claims to her she cannot escape all the horrible things she has already done. Elsa Frozen Cooking Game.

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He then pleaded with Elsa to stop the winter weather and bring back summer, but Elsa desperately told him that she had no control over her powers and asked to be set free. He tells them Anna was killed by Elsa, but is unaware that Olaf foiled him by helping Anna escape. Instead, they find Elsa merely seconds away from killing the Duke's two guards.

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Details All copyrights and trademarks of games are held by owners and their use is allowed under the fair use clause of the Copyright Law. After Hans stated that he would never "shut [her] out", Anna expressed her belief that she had finally found someone to connect to and could forget her lonely past. Heartbroken, Anna confronts her sister, but this accidentally exposes Elsa's abilities to conjure up ice and snow, much to Hans' shock, along with everyone else's.

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As Hans' words sank in, Elsa fell to her knees, stopping the blizzard with her despair. However, Anna did not appear to mind at all, stating that she was different from her sister, Elsa. As the dignitaries expressed their horror at the turn of events, the Duke of Weselton called Elsa a "monster" and stated that they were all "in grave danger". Comment Flying Knife Into Hans:. Suspecting he has an ulterior motive for wanting to marry Anna, she orders Hans to leave out of frustration. The force of the breaking blade produced a shock wave that sent Hans flying backwards, where he landed unconscious. Runaway Elsa Frozen Bride. Meanwhile, through her magic, Elsa manages to escape her cell by freezing her shackles until they become so brittle that they break, then freezing the wall of her cell until it collapses. Navy Hans. But before Marshmallow fell into a chasm, he struck out at Hans, nearly bringing the prince down with him.

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Sign In Don't have an account? According to Hyrum Osmond, one of the supervising animators for Hans, Hans initially appears as a handsome, dashing character. As the snowman lost his balance, Hans beckoned for the rest of the men to follow him up the ice staircase.

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Redirected from Hans Disney. Per Anna's orders, Hans was placed in charge of Arendelle. Afterwards, he left a lasting and negative impact on Anna when she realizes that the warning Elsa, and later Kristoff , originally gave her about falling in love with someone she just met was true. Retrieved March 10,

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