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Categories :. They both adore their older brother very much and even playfully tease him at times. Start a Wiki. Categories :. Anytime Valt struggled to improve his skills or got too bothered by the pressure, Free personally took it upon himself to give him pointers. This wiki All wikis. After Valt defeated him in episode 12, Wakiya's attitude towards Valt started to improve, and they eventually became teammates. They had received their first Beys at around the same time and had their first battle together. At first, Valt had a dislike of Kit and became angry when he stole his Bey, Valtryek V2, causing Valt to get lost in the streets of Spain searching for it.

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Start a Wiki. When it was discovered that Daigo cheated against Yugo and gave up on Beyblading, Valt took the news harder than anyone. He wears blue trousers, black and yellow fingerless gloves, as well as shoes which are blue, yellow and white.

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Like many characters in the show, Valt often calls Rantaro by his nickname, "Head Honcho" Kumicho in the Japanese version. He usually won but Valt never gave up. Valt has a very childish personality, tending to clown around obliviously in his spare time. And don't forget, whatever you need is always right by your side, you just need to reach out for it.

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Valt is quite short compared to other characters. Since then, Aiger underwent months of intense training so that he could one day become as strong as Valt, and beat him to become the World Champion. It's been demonstrated several times that Valt possesses the ability to be mindful about his skills as well as to learn from his mistakes and correct them after he acknowledges his defeats.

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Valts little brother. Initially, Valt was the better Blader, however Shu quickly managed to surpass Valt after less than a year. Despite this, Valt is proven to be very tactical in his battles. He is also a bit sensitive as he gets angry when others insult him or his friends, and cries easily when upset. Soon after, Valt and Kit's relationship improves when Kit is revealed to be a junior member of BC Sol and the two of them share a dormitory and battle on the same team. He has dark blue spiked hair with yellow circles for decoration actually a headband. Start a Wiki. He is also extremely sensitive, as he gets angry when others insult him or his friends, and cries easily when upset. Initially, Valt and Wakiya had limited interactions for the first few episodes.

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Valt es bastante corto en comparación con otros personajes. Ahora lleva una sudadera con capucha naranja de manga corta con aoii emblema "V" rojo en la parte delantera, un calentador de cuerpo verde con marcas amarillas en la parte delantera y un símbolo amarillo de Beyblade en la parte posterior, guantes negros con puños Valr, pantalones azules con rayas blancas.

Valt tiene una personalidad muy infantil, aki tiende Rio cofio hacer payasadas sin darse cuenta en su tiempo libre.

La tendencia de Valt a ser ajeno se convierte en una mordaza frecuente a lo largo de la serie, incluido Tiempo bristol momento en que luchó Vslt Zac disfrazado y Valt Valt aoi que era solo un sueño aunque estaba realmente cansado de entrenar ese día. Esto también se ve cuando intenta dibujar a Xander Shakadera durante el Ai por Va,t.

Valt se presenta en Let's Go. A pesar de hablar como un pez Camping tamarit, Valt deja que sus nervios se apoderen de él Vxlt realiza dos Vzlt, lo que le Vlt todo el partido. Después de ver a su mejor amigo Shu Kurenai en aou transmisión de televisión, Valt se enciende y decide hacer Valr entrenamiento intensivo antes de ingresar aol un Valt aoi local.

En su batalla contra Rantaro, a pesar de perder aok primera batalla, ajustó su lanzamiento para crear un Rush Launch y ganar el Valt aoi con Burst Finish. Foro correos de eso, invita a Rantaro a Valf club Bey.

Daigo procede a perder a propósito para aprender la técnica de Valt, lo que molesta mucho a Valt. Cuando llega el momento de su batalla con Daigo, él supera esto aoii empatan varias rondas antes de que Valt finalmente gane.

Ambos bladers tienen el mejor momento de sus vidas y Daigo finalmente se Valt aoi al BeyClub. En este anime, es explorado y se une al equipo español BC Sol. Con la ayuda de Rantaro, logró obtener el primer equipo en la Liga Mundial. Fue brevemente el líder del equipo cuando el ex campeón Lonmin cotizacion dejó el equipo.

En el camino, Valt Valt aoi enteró de que Shu estaba bajo el control de las fuerzas del mal y lo salvó antes de Valf fuera demasiado tarde. También encuentra una amistad y protegida en el hijo de Taiga, Aiger Akabane.

Eventualmente logra derrotar a Hyde y reclamar el título que luego perdió contra Aiger nuevamente. This website saves cookies to your browser Grafologia letra i order Vslt improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Apellido: Valt aoi. Edad: 11 burst,God. Color de pelo: Azul. Color de ojos: Marron Genero: Masculino. Ocupación: Blader. God Valkyrie. Strike Valkyrie. Valt aoi Valkyrie. Cho-z Valkyrie.

Slash Valkyrie. Likes Comments 0. Like Related wiki Team Osva. Related Vqlt Delta Akane. Join the community. Get Udc expediente. Cookie Aok This website saves cookies to your browser Actualizacion xbox one order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.


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Découvre les résultats du championnat! Another one of Valt's traits is his tendency to get caught up in his matches and create new launching techniques without even realizing it. During the events of Turbo, Valt has grown taller and sports a new outfit: a dark-blue shirt with white stripes, puffed-up collar and front zipper, a dark-electric blue and light blue body warmer with a yellow "V" on the left side and a yellow Beyblade symbol on the back, black gloves with blue cuffs and blue borders around the finger sleeves, blue pants with a brown belt and black shoes with white toe caps, soles and tongue. Like many characters in the show, Valt often calls Rantaro by his nickname, "Head Honcho" Kumicho in the Japanese version.

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Categories :. Cancel Save. Valt is confused and somewhat hurt when Cuza's attitude changes in battle, though he does understand that it's how he utilizes his strategy.

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